AFNIL and administration, another task inherant to the association

Two months ago, I discussed with you the evolution of the association in its role of self-publisher with the context of our first book: “The art of war by Eskari Foundation for the A.R.K.”.

You had the opportunity to discover our first prototype – made in September 2021. It was also the occasion for you to discover our decision on the management of the colors with a general theme and a variation by universe (among the A.R.K., Cardan, Myrmezir, Synelle and The Tetrarchy).

Today, I suggest to take a look at another aspect that is inherent to our activity, certainly a little less funny, but oh so important: the administration!

On June 17th, we took the steps to register with AFNIL. But in fact, what is AFNIL? In a few words, it is a regulatory body.

The organization is a regulatory in the sense that it assigns what are called ISBNs – the famous bar codes that you find on the back of all your books. They are slightly different from the ones you find on your pasta and cereal packages and they always identify :

  • that the product on which it is found is a book
  • the publisher who created it
  • possibly the associated publishing brand, which may differ

Thus, a bar code makes it possible to identify in a sure and certain way a book on all the planet among all the works existing since 1972 (there is just 50 years thus).

Because of the administration, there are processing times… and fees. But we should receive our first 100 identifiers by mid-July, which should leave us a little margin at an average of 4 publications per year (one in French, one in English, one in paper and one ine digital).

As an ISBN must uniquely identify a product, each book published by Go Edition will be associated with two numbers :

  • a first one will be assigned to the paper book, which will be physically printed
  • the second will be assigned to the digital version of the book, which you can obtain on this site

Visibility and schedule

So this is an important step, for us, and for our first project. We are now on the last steps before the book can reach your shelf. Without setting a firm date, we are gaining visibility on the next logical steps that I will detail.

End of June, early July

Finalization and signature of the contracts for the rights holders. The art of war benefits from Loïc LEBAS’ magnificent illustrations – but like any artist, he has to earn his living and his work deserves to be recognized. We are therefore legally obliged to draw up a contract for the transfer of rights, which describes the context, the scope and the duration of the transfer.

In a short, for how long and for how many prints Loïc gives us the autorization to use his work.

Between July and August

We are going to be able to open the participative financing campaign. This will allow us to determine the exact number of copies to be printed, to collect the necessary funds for the printing and to obtain the delivery information.

We will do this on the platform of our partner HelloAsso, which will allow us to manage all the membership and financing of projects.

Arround August and September

Given the schedule, we hope to be able to deliver the prints by September at the latest. The printer that we contacted to make the prints announced a 14 days delay upon receipt of the documents. I will have the opportunity to tell you more about this in a future post.

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