The Story

Go Edition was born in 2021, founded by Loïc (Warlof) Leuilliot, Dimitri (ZahnKi) Augé, Kévin (Neogost) Desmay and Adrien (Avok) Makosso around a common project of writing a “Fan Fiction” book : “The Art of War by Eskari Foundation for The A.R.K.”.

At the beginning, it was just a bunch of friends, passionate and investing themselves more and more – going from a simple word processing file to something a little more advanced, with a rough layout – then as time went by, something close to a “professional” content.

To be able to manage a printed edition, distributed more widely and to make a whole community benefit from it, the need was felt to create an entity allowing to support the expenses incurred but also the related legal problems.

The name of the association is an acronym of the first work done by our community: the Galaxy One Gazette. But it is also a word that wonderfully characterizes the dynamism of its members!


Today, Go Edition supports several editorial projects around the Rising Constellation game universe. There is of course the gazette from which the name of the association comes – made up of the front page of a fictitious newspaper, widely consulted – with of course, the front page and the gossips of the moment.

But Go Edition is also something more dense, more serious and longer term work with the codexes on the different factions. This project is articulated accross several collections – called universes – allowing to gather various works putting forward the “Lore” of the eponymous factions of the game.