An Overwhelmed Tetrarchy

Myrmézir's buldozer is out of control, war reach Cardan sectors which have no choice but to flee. In case this war is continuing on that path, Cardan could become no more than an distant memory. Tetrarchy has been bypassed by all factions with major breaches in its borders.

Danse of Death in a Broken Galaxy

After 11 years of chaos, the galaxy is taking on a new shape. The era of peace now seems a distant memory. Myrmezir groups together systems that have declared their independence from the broken empire. As the renegades gain more and more support, the secessionists are spreading across most of the galaxy.

Nebula Trophey, Groups finally unveiled

Today, the Galactic DriftBall Federation has announced the groups for the new edition of the Nebula Trophey. This season promises to be full of events and twists and turns - not to mention the new arrival of the Moon Walkers in the discipline, who have made a name for themselves with a meteoric rise through the qualifying rounds.